Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!!! I am so grateful for this time of year and for our Savior's life. I am so grateful for all he did for us and for the beautiful spirit we feel this time of year! We have had a wonderful couple of days here and have enjoyed every minute together! The kids got overloaded with all kinds of fun things! They LOVE their new jeep and look so cute together in it! We hope you all have a wonderful day and a very happy new year!!!! Much Love!!!! Warning: Tons of pictures!

And a bracelet from Tiffany's!!!! I LOVE Tiffany's!

I think for once in our marriage I surprised my husband on Christmas! I got him an ipod and he loves it and had absolutely no idea what it was!

Chris got me this awesome jewelery box that I wanted and yummy perfume!

Look what Santa brought us!!! Avie got a walker/stroller and a baby doll! Landon got a soccer ball and 2 remote control monster trucks! Very cool and they were very excited! Even Avie, she loves her stroller!!!

Christmas Eve. We had our big annual dinner and it was GOOD!!!! Every ones dishes were so good and went together so well! It was so nice to visit with everyone! I did miss my sisters though. None of them were home this year. Landon got spoiled on Christmas Eve! It was like Christmas morning! Thanks for all the awesome gifts for the kids everyone!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch out... There's a new Sheriff in town!

Well folks... It's official!!!! On Thursday evening Chris graduated from the Sheriff Academy! This was such an exciting night!!! Chris would be sitting up on stage with a very serious face and then all of the sudden he would get this huge smile! He's a smiley guy!!! He is so very excited to be done and so proud of himself! I am so proud of him! It has been a long road for the both of us and our family and we feel so blessed to have such a great career ahead of us now! Chris already started working on Saturday in the jails and is looking forward to having 4 days off come Tuesday!
Thank you to everyone that has loved us and supported us through the academy! We truly felt our Saviors love and blessings be poured out upon us. Thank you for all of your prayers we could truly feel them and what a great feeling that was! Thanks for all of you who came to the graduation! It meant the world to us! And we missed all of you who could not make it!
Right after he graduated! We were sooooo excited!
Isn't he HOT!!! Well, they both are!!!!
Waiting to go in and get our seats
Landon had the BEST time with his cousin Jace

Chris and his sisters
The Ward side
My side
Brent and Yvonne
The whole gang

I am a REALLY PROUD wife! He looks REALLY good in that uniform!!! We might have to play cops at home babe!!:)