Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Gunner

This is our new dog Gunner! We went and picked him out yesterday at the local pound. He is 1 and a half and fully grown. They said he is a little lean so we need to fatten him up! We wanted a good guard dog for the new house. So we shall see how this goes!
We picked him up late this afternoon and so far he's been pretty good! We think he might have been an inside dog, cause during dinner he got a little upset he wasn't inside with us. So he turned his head a little and tore off the screen to the slider. Not so good. Let's hope I'm not ready to return him by the morning.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

We decided to finally take a trip out to the Grand Canyon! We have talked about it for years and we finally had time to do it! So we started out 10 day trip with the GC!
We spent the night in Beautiful Flagstaff and then headed out to see the beauty of this BIG canyon. It was truly HUGE and beautiful and of course AMAZING! I was a nervous wreck the whole time though having the kids there out by the cliffs. We made it out safely though! Their were so very crazy people that were way too willing to put their lives on the line for a photo. Not us! We are really happy we went and are now able to check it off our list!

This is Monument Valley. It was a pretty amazing sight! These HUGE rock formations pretty much appear out of NOWHERE after you drive for hours and hours seeing nothing else! Chris likes to watch old John Wayne movies and heard about this place. So after the Grand Canyon we drove here and then onto Moab and SLC!

John Wayne's cabin.


We got to spend some time in SLC with my sister Kim and Jordan! We always have fun being with them and spending time at there house! They always take us to the yummiest places to eat and spoil us and the kids while we are there! We love them!!!!
We went to BEAUTIFUL Temple Square one afternoon. The Tulips were in full bloom and it was a gorgeous sight to see! We also spent some time visiting with Chris' Grandparents. They are amazing! His Grandpa is almost 90 and Grandma is almost 89! They are still kicking and have some spunk! We always love hearing their stories!

We spent one day in Provo going to all the places Chris and I lived and loved to go to in College. We went to Stan's for lunch. I used go there all the time in Hair School. Yummy hamburgers and fries! We got to have lunch with Miss Chelsie who just moved there. We miss her!
Then to work off those calories=) we went to Provo Canyon to walk the trail. Chris and I LOVED going there and miss having such Beautiful surroundings that were only 5 mins from home. Landon and Chris hiked the waterfall! It was a little nerve racking to watch though. Steep climb! They made it safe though and Landon was so proud of himself! It was such a great time as a family! Good memories were made!
We then went to Provo Bakery and put back all those calories that we had just worked off! It was so worth it!;)

We stopped at Cove Fort on our drive home. We have always talked about stopping, but never have. This trip we had the time and we were so glad we took a tour. It was really neat to hear the history of the Fort and there was a really strong spirit there. The kids had a good time being able to run around and learn a game kids used to play way back in the day!

We got to go see some of our dearest friends from Utah! The kids had tons of fun together and made plenty of noise! We miss them so very, very much!