Monday, February 23, 2009

Avie turns 1

Avenlie Mae Ward
February 23, 2009 1 year old
She is Beautiful!
Avenlie Mae Ward

February 23, 2008
We had a little birthday party for Avie tonight with my parents and my sis Hillary! Avie has been the happiest girl all day and had fun with all the attention! Every time we said it was her birthday and happy birthday to her she got the biggest smile on her face!!! She has been our little birthday princess. She got her very first Cabbage Patch doll and LOVES it! I am such a proud mommy! She was freaking out when we took it away to put her in her highchair!

Avie also loved her cake! It took her a minute to get into it, but when she did, well lets just hope she doesn't wake up screaming with a tummy ache tonight.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

So yeah... I am super behind in the blogging part of my life! Chalk it up to being really busy, moving back into our house, not having Internet for a couple of weeks, having 2 kids, and being lazy. Excuses, excuses! I know!!! But I am going to try to get back on track and stay on it! Thanks Kim for at least changing my background for me! I really do appreciate it!

Well, I mentioned above we moved. Yep, we are back in our house temporarily until something happens with it. Whatever that will be. We miss being with my parents. They were very easy and enjoyable to live with! We do enjoy being on our own at the same time though.

Chris is doing great in his new job and learning lots about it. He will be participating in a race called Baker to Vegas in March. He will run a 5 mile leg of it with a team. So he is busy training for that! I am proud of him for doing it! He is working and running lots to prepare!

We had the opportunity to go up to Idaho and Utah for New Years and had lots of fun being with family! Chris and Landon are heading up again next week for a fun little Father Son trip. So cute and sweet! Avie and I will miss them, but we will be having some girl fun together!


So I am WAY behind!!! But our little Landon turned 3 on Jan.6! I told you I was way behind!!!

We love this little/Big guy so much! He is so sweet, smart, funny, excellent big bother, and full of life boy. He still keeps us on our toes and loves to be with his Daddy! Mommy too, but he adores his daddy.

Some of his favorite things to say:

"I'm not perfect."

"Mom, I love you!" (In the sweetest voice, it makes me melt) He also tells that to everyone else, but I'm with him a lot during the day.

"I have a snake on my face." (Yuck! My worst fear is that he would come to love snakes.)

"Tell me a story!"( He can't get enough of our stories that Chris and I will share with him!)

Some of his favorite things:

Fruit snacks and nut bars(peanut butter granola bars!)

Anything sugar!

Driving his jeep( He's good!)

Taking baths(He would take them off and on all day if I let him!)

Watching movies and cartoons

Reading books

Talking about the farm and his cousins

Going to Nana and Poppi's house

Driving in Daddy's work truck and sitting next to him

We LOVE you so much Landon and are so grateful you are part of our family!!! We thank Heavenly Father everyday for you!!!!!