Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1 MoNtH

Our sweet little Lucas turned 1 month yesterday! CRAZY how fast time flies by!!!
He is such a sweet, precious, and easy joy to have around! We feel like he's always been part of our family and with us! I have a really hard time putting him down some days because he is so YuMmY!!!!
The kids LOVE him and do so well having him in our home! No jealousy so far! It's so fun to hear Avie use her little "mommy voice" with him! she is always telling him "I'm coming sweetheart" or "Its ok baby. Its ok! I'm right hear" What a sweetie! Landon is always good about giving him kisses and making sure he is safe and sound!
We LOVE our new baby and the joy he brings to our home! I just hope he doesn't get too big, too fast on us!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our sweet, new Lucas Ryan Ward

7lbs. 10oz. 20"ins.
I was able to finish out my work week and last client on Friday the 27th. That was one of my goals! I got home from work at about 5:45pm and was having contractions. They hurt, but not soo bad that I thought I was in labor. I told Chris to go to work and I decided me and the kids would just go hang out with Poppi and Nana for the night.
We got to my parents around 7:30. I had 2 painful contractions driving to their house. They were back to back and hurt more, but again I figured I wasn't in labor cause I was able to drive through them! As soon as we got in the house my mom said "You are going to have this baby tonight!" I was hoping to still make it through the weekend! I sat down and had consistent, painful contractions for the next hour. I called Chris and had to stop talking a couple of times cause they hurt so bad! But, me being stubborn, insisted he stay at work until I knew I was totally in labor. All the people he worked with thought he was crazy still being there!
My mom walked out of the room for a minute and when she came back she was all dressed and ready to take me to the Hospital! I still stuck it out about 15 mins longer and then finally caved and said "Let's go."
I was not happy about going on the 5 min drive to the Hospital. I didn't want to be told I wasn't really in labor and then sent home. I told my mom we should just go back home cause my contractions felt like they were slowing down. Well, as soon as I got out of the car they kicked right back up! I got checked in, they checked me. I was at a 4/5. They ran some tests and came back and told me the good news, I was in labor and they were going to keep me! I finally then said "Let's call Chris now and have him get here!" My mom replied with a smile/laugh "He's already on his way! Dad called him!" Sneaky parents!!! I didn't want him to miss work for a false alarm.
Everything went pretty smoothly and quickly from there! I got into a room, had lots of painful contractions, but honestly stayed really calm and took a lot of deep breaths. I was soooo BLESSED and got an Epidural this time around 11pm!!!! Heaven!!!!!! Happy Juice in my book! I didn't feel a thing after about 7mins! Chris, my mom, and I all tried getting some rest, not so easy. We all were finally falling asleep around 2am and then POP! I woke up. Chris and my mom literally jumped out of their seats. We all thought what the HECK was that??? Chris checked me, but it still didn't seem like my water broke. We got the nurse. She checked me, I was at a 10 and TOTALLY ready to push! The midwife that delivered Avie happened to be the one delivering this baby again. I pushed for a little less than 10mins and then we were BLESSED with a beautiful and healthy baby BOY! It was an awesome moment waiting to hear what the baby was! Tears and joy were all through the room!
I have been feeling Wonderful and have seemed to heal and bounce back the fastest this time around! Luke is a serious Angel! He still is LOVING his sleep at 2 weeks old! He honestly rarely cries and if he does it is for about 5 seconds. The kids LOVE him and are both very helpful! Avie wakes up every morning and the 1st thing she asks to do is hold the baby! Landon is willing to help whenever asked and loves to give his little brother kisses and bumps!
Chris and I feel sooo BLESSED! We love having our 3 kids and feel our family is complete! We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for our healthy little boy! It's fun to have him in our home! Life is very good! A little more chaotic! More so because of the older 2! They seem to have a little more energy these days!
Thank you for all your love and support and for checking out our blog!