Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

We had a wonderful Easter day! The Easter Bunny was nice to Landon this year and brought him some candy, a bunny, and playdough! We had a yummy dinner and a nice relaxing afternoon! Yesterday we went to the Edwards annual Easter party and had so much fun! Landon got lots of candy there too! He's had a lot of sugar yesterday and today! Scary for us!!! Avenlie was so pretty today and yesterday all dressed up! She looked like a little strawberry yesterday! My mom bought her a really cute outfit! She is filling out so much! Her arms are getting creases and her legs are getting pudgy! We love it!!!! We hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating and remembering the life and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ !
The Easter Bunny left me a trail of candy!

Going to see what the Easter Bunny brought!

Our sweet little strawberry taking a nap! She's so pretty!!!

Landon and mommy!!!

Landon did better this tear getting the candy! He liked to sit and check out the candy first to see if he wanted it!

Avie enjoying the sun with daddy!

Group photo of all the kids and dads at the Edwards annual Easter Egg Hunt!!! Nan has been having this party for 16 years! We look forward to it every year! Can't miss this party!

Avery loves Avenlie!

The Park and Easter Eggs

On Friday Chris got off work early, so we were able to go have some fun as a family! We took Landon to the park for some special "Landon time"! We had tons of fun and he did really well climbing all over the playground equipment! Then later that night we colored Easter eggs! It was our first time doing it with Landon and he thought it was really "cool"!!!! He was so amazed when the eggs went in and came out a different color! I also had so much fun doing it and want to go buy more so we can do it again!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sing Star

Love my dad so much! We celebrated his 55th birthday on Saturday! He is excited to get his senior discount now! He seems and looks so much younger than 55th!!! So for the party the Edwards brought Sing Star over! We love this game! I'm telling you, my new career is going to be sitting home taking care of the kids and practicing to become the next American Idol for real!!!! We all had a blast and even had some microphone hogs( Dad and Kim!!!)

Avie meets more Aunties and an Uncle

We love you guys so much!!! Come back soon!!!!

Kim and Jordan, Hillary and Grace came this weekend to visit and meet Avemlie for the first time! We had so much fun having them here and were so sad when they had to all leave today! They are such wonderful Aunts and a wonderful Uncle! We can't wait to see them again! Avenlie and Landon love you all!

Uncle Jordan with Avenlie! He is an awesome uncle!

Landon,Avery, and Avie getting ready for Sing Star

Avie's Great Aunt Suzy

Auntie Mellie bought Avie and Landon the cutest little outfitd this weekend! Avie was our little party princess in her dress on Saturday! Thanks again Mellie!

Poor Landon was so sick all weekend. He has a molar coming in and it has done a number on him! I even took him to the doctor thinking it was something worse, but it is his teeth! He screamed alot on Friday in LA. Fun day, but hard for him! We are glad he is feeling better!

Yummy Pink's hotdogs! We love going here! It's a great LA hotspot! My parents rented a 11 passenger van on Friday and we headed down to LA! My dad was a great tour guide! We had a blast! Started at Pink's then headed down to Hollywood Blvd., then drove through Beverly Hills and dreamed of living in one of the amazing homes there, and then down Rodeo, no celeb citings though! Then we went down to Santa Monica Pier! What a fun day! Grace is from Alabama and it was her first time to Cali! So fun reanson to go to LA for the day! Thanks mom and dad for such a great day as a family! We deeply missed my wonderful Hubby Chris who was working and also Mellie who was working as well!

Hilly and her roommate Grace with Avie for the first time!