Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a new car!!! It is a GMC Yukon! WE LOVE it!!!! We got it on Monday kinda on a whim! We have had the truck up for sale, but no hits really. I have wants a new car for a really long time and I have wanted a Tahoe. Well on Monday we were heading down the hill to go shopping, we saw the traffic, and decided not to go! The exit we got off on was full of car dealerships, so I kinda jokingly said we should go look! Chris said ok, so we went! Pulled in asked the sales guy how much he would give us for our truck and he of course said he could make us a deal! Well, about 4 hours later we got our Yukon, which is the exact same thing as a Tahoe, so I was very happy! It is a year old, They wanted us to finance way to much for an 08' and we didn't want a payment! It is just like brand new, except with a few more miles on it!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! And I have such an amazing husband! He loved his truck, but loves me more!!! He LOVES it too! We have so much space, it seats 8, and it is really so nice! We feel so familyish(not really a word!) now, it's funny to say, I know!!!! So if anyone wants to come visit us we can all probably fit in one vehicle!

3 months

Avie is 3 months now! Last week actually, I am a little late posting this! She is so much fun and is getting more of her personality everyday! She loves to talk to us and smile! She is also becoming a little better about hanging out in one of her chairs or laying on the floor by herself for a few! It's nice, but I do love holding her too!!! She has made our family feel complete and we can't get enough of her! Landon just loves her and loves to try to make her laugh and feel better when she is sad! And Avie adores him! She loves to watch him and turns her head all the time to see him when she hears his voice! Having kids is truly amazing and so wonderful! It's hard some days, but all worth it!!!!

We love her pudgy little body! So delicious!!!!

Aunt Hilly came to visit again! We love her so much!!!

Always cute after a bath!

Avie loves to suck the first 2 fingers of her right hand and her left hand is always right next to it touching her face somehow!!! It's really cute and sometimes very noisy!!!! We are so glad she found something to comfort herself since she won't take a pacifier!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Landon, Our sports superstar!

Landon got two new bigger basketball hoops this week! He is loving them and getting really close to being able to make a basket in his REALLY BIG hoop!!! He is constantly asking to go outside and shoot big hoop with Dad!!! We are continuously amazed by him and his natural talent with sports!!! We love Landon so much!!!
Landon bowling! I got this fun idea off of another girls blog! We have lots of fun bowling at home!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Avenlie's Blessing

This weekend we blessed our sweet little Avenlie Mae! We had such a wonderful weekend with all our family and friends! Chris gave her such a sweet blessing! I am so grateful for the gospel in our lives and that Chris has the priesthood to bless her! My heart was so full all day and there was such a beautiful spirit with us! We couldn't imagine life without our Avie! Thanks for all those that came and we missed all that couldn't make it!
She couldn't have been more beautiful and sweet that day! she was so good all day long! We love her so much and are so grateful we have been blessed with her!

Aunt Hilly bought Avenlie a special bracelet for her blessing day! It is so thanks Hill!

Cute big brother Landon

Me and my sweet little girl

Our little family!!!

Aunties and Avie

Chris' Fam! Kellie, Becky, Grandma Bobbie, and Grandpa Ryan

Group shots

4 generations

Chris' family! We missed all who couldn't make it!

My family! We missed you Kim and Jordan

GG and Avie

The Edwards clan with our sweet baby girl

My cousin Amy and Avenlie

My Uncle Judd, Debbie, and my cousin Jordan

Avie with Popi

Beth and Marci! We love them!

The special girl after she got out of her beautiful dress and just got to be more comfortable! I hated taking her out of it though, she looked so gorgeous in it!

Sisters! WE missed you though Kim!

My mom, me, and Avenlie! My mom gave me the most beautiful ring on Sunday that she was given when I was born! She was waiting till I had a girl to give it to me! It was so special and I love it so much! Thanks mom!

Avie, me, and Aunt Hilly

Aunt Kellie had the magic touch with Avenlie this weekend! She was pretty much the only other one, besides me, that could get to to sleep!

Saying bye to Aunt Becky

Just a cute pic of Avie and Popi watching TV