Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our First Ward Halloween Party!

So on Friday night we threw a Halloween party at our house! It was our first big party and pretty successful!!! We had a blast! There were about 50 people who came, so it was a full house! We had lots of yummy food and treats, and to top off the night we rented a bounce house! The kids had so much fun it it, as well as me and Chris! Landon was just cracking up while he was jumping around! I love being a mommy for moments like that!!! Bounce houses are a great thing to have at a party! We decided they are worth every penny! Landon is the cutest little Angels baseball player for Halloween! I know he made his Grandpa Tucker very proud! The costume fits him well too, because he loves baseball so much and is really good at it!!! Chris and I also dressed up as Britney and Kevin Federline! Chris looked and played the part very well! We think he liked letting his boxers show a lot! I don't have all the good pics of him though, my mom does! I will have to post more later! We can't wait to hopefully make this an annual party every year!!!!! I LOVE Halloween!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Fun Weekend!!!

So We had a fun weekend with family and friends! On Thursday, Hillary and Chris' sister Becky came into town to visit! We were so happy to have them with us! We started out the night by going to In- Out! Yummy!!! Then off we went to a really fun pumpkin patch with them, my mom, and our friends Meagan, Aeron, and their little girl Avery! It was so much fun! They had a huge slide, a petting zoo, and so other rides! Landon loved the petting zoo and didn't want to leave! He kept running back for more of the animals! Then of course we picked out some pumpkins! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and pumpkins!!! Chris got the Daddy, I got the Mommy, and Landon picked out his own darling little baby pumpkin! I just love pumpkin patches! We kinda chilled for the rest of the weekend, but had fun being together! Auntie Mel ended up coming to visit too! So on Sat. we all went down To Victoria Gardens and had lunch and walked around! Sunday we took Becky for a little drive and got caught in some horrible winds! It was scary and our car literally got picked up by the wind! Then we got caught in a horrible and very scary sandstorm driving down the freeway! I really thought we were going to die! Crazy thing is that where we went for our drive is now sadly on fire and out of control! These fires here are so sad and terrible! But Monday we got to go celebrate my parents 31st wedding anniversary and my mom's Birthday! Congrats on both! We love them both very much!!! Sadly Aunt Hilly and Aunt Becky left us today to return to their normal lives!!! We love them and enjoyed having them here so much!!! We can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving!!! Please keep all the victims of these fires and firefighters in your prayers!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's A GIRL!!!!!!!

So we found out tonight that we are having a Girl!!!!! We are so thrilled and excited! We can't contain ourselves! I started crying, it's such a joy to know that we will have one of each! And I get to buy big bows for her hair and dress her all up! I think we might be in trouble!!!! My mom and dad were able to be there with us, so we all had a really special and exciting night! We have decided that we will name her Avenlie Mae Ward! We are absolutely in love with it! The middle name is Chris' Great Grandma's name! It is his mom's grandma! Mae passed away at a very young age, so he was never able to meet her, but we have learned some interesting little facts about her and the name has become even more special! We learned that she was a blonde hair, blue eye, little girl, which we are assuming Avenlie will be! We just can't wait for her to join our family here on earth!!!!
Other great news today! Chris had his oral interview for the CHP this morning! He feels like he did really well and he said it went better than he expected! I am so proud of him and so happy that we are through this phase! We should find out the results in 2-3 weeks! I will keep you all posted!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chris Took His Tests!

Just wanted to update everyone! Chris took his Physical ability test on Saturday and passed with flying colors! He also took a 1000 question psychological test, yes that's a lot, but he finished! They just want to make sure he's not crazy or anything!!! He is now onto the interview phase. His interview will be on Tuesday morning! So please remember to keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So we have just been keeping busy and getting ready for all of Chris' upcoming CHP tests and interviews! He passed his written exam a couple of weeks ago!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! He is taking his physical and written psychological on Saturday. Big day, probably about 8 hours to take both! He will then move on to his oral interview sometime early next week! Please keep him in your prayers!

I am now 18 1/2 weeks along, or about 4 1/2 months! It's going by quickly and we are getting more and more excited each day! The babies movements are getting stronger and we can feel it now when we put our hands on my belly! That's exciting!!! It's also a little weird to be sitting there and feel something kick you from the inside! Amazing though! We are hoping to find out the sex of the baby on Oct. 22! That's when I hit 20 weeks and hopefully the baby will be nice and cooperate!

Landon just still keeps getting cuter and cuter! He continues to say more words and is getting down a few of his animal noises! He's a pro with the kitty cat! He loves to say meow! It's really cute! He also has a massive obsession with books! We can't seem to read enough! It's great, but I have most of the books memorized! So books it is for hours a day sometimes! I am grateful that he has such a great interest though! Hopefully that continues throughout his life! I know his Aunt Mellie is very proud!!!

Landon and I also recently got to go up to Utah with Grandma and our friend Chelsie! We surprised Hillary for her birthday! It was a ton of fun and very quick! Hilly was very shocked! Always fun to do those spontaneous things every now and again! We also got to see Landon's Grandma Bobbie and Aunt Becky! They watched Landon while I went and enjoyed a delicious buffet brunch at the Grand America with everyone for Hillary's B-day! It was an amazing selection of food and I ate ALOT!!! Unfortunately I was hungry again a few hours later! OOPS!!!

So just a few fun pics of him and hopefully we will have some other fun news to report soon!!!