Monday, September 22, 2008

Avie and her Poppi

Avie was so happy sitting with her Poppi tonight! She loves him so much and loves to fall asleep on him! Avenlie Mae will be 7 months tomorrow! Crazy!!!!! She is growing so fast and is so sweet and so much fun!!!!

So we haven't been up to much lately, that's why I haven't posted anything! We are doing good and staying very busy! The ids and I are heading up to Utah on Thursday with my mom! Chris is staying behind and getting worked at Academy. Lucky him!!! He is doing great and is almost half way done!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are just some cute pics of the kids! Avie is so fast now and loves to babble and say Dadda! Landon is growing into a big, little boy! he loves to read his scriptures that Nana gave him, very cute! The other 2 pictures of him are him waiting for his Daddy to get home! WE get very excited when Daddy gets home! It's our favorite part of the day!