Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a few pics!

Here are just a few new pictures of our Handsome little Stud!!!! I just couldn't resist sharing them! He's growing so fast though, it's crazy!!!! This first pic is from last night! He was showing off by jumping off the coffee table to Chris and my dad and just decided to jump when no one was ready! He ate it hard! He fell flat on his tummy and hit his head on the couch! It was scary for a moment, but then we offered him food and he got better!!!! He always seems to get some lovely bump on his head right before we leave for vacation, I don't know what it is all about! And, no, Landon is not potty trained, but Daddy sure likes to try!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A visit to the Fire Station

Yesterday Landon and I got to go to one of the local Fire stations for a tour!We went with our friends Ryan, Morgan, and Sarah! Landon was a little unsure of everything, but for the most part I think he enjoyed it! They let us see everything and let Landon go up in the fire truck! He did like that!!!! We really enjoyed it though and got to learn some cool stuff about Firefighters!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


We had a great Halloween!!! Chris had the day off, so we went down to LA and had Pink's! It is the best hot dog place in LA and is a fun LA landmark! Landon dug right into his very first Pink's dog!!! YUMMY! I am craving one right now!!! We also saw a total crazy man down there to add to our Halloween in LA! We then went trick or treating around our neighborhood and Landon couldn't keep the candy in his bucket! We knew we were in trouble!!! Then we went to our ward party and got lots more yummy candy! And finally to the Edwards for there fun and yummy Halloween dinner party! Landon was a trooper, but did start crashing from the sugar high! He slept good through the night though, so we can't complain to much!!! He was a great little representative for the Angels, his future team he will star on! Grandpa was very proud again!!!!