Sunday, April 27, 2008

Landon has decided that he hates wearing clothes and LOVES being naked! He also really doesn't like his diaper. This can be a problem some days! But he also has a definite interest in the potty! So we are trying and today he went pee pee in it for the first time! Yeah! It made a little mess, but we were so happy! For some reason he also insists on having it out in the family room where everyone can see him go potty. Kinda weird! We are not going to push it though, he can do the potty thing on his own time, but it would be nice to have to only buy diapers for one child! Wishful thinking for now I think! We shall see!!!
Landon on his new "Big Boy potty"
He loves washing his hands and playing with the water!

Pierced Ears!!!!

So we took Avie on Friday to get her ears pierced! She looks so pretty with them! She got Diamonds of course,I'm teaching her young!!!All we have to get her now is a little ring to complete all her jewels! I LOVE getting to accessorize a little girl! It's endless!!! She did okay. She cried for about 5 mins. or less. I fed her right after and then she was good! They really look cute on her though! Side note, I posted the pics backwards of how it took place, so you might want to start from the bottom!

Mommy giving her some love!

And she's done! So sad.

Almost ready! Landon was a little worried! What a sweet big brother!!!!

Right before she got it done! Still Happy!!!!

Avenlie's Stats

Avenlie had her 2 month check-up on Thursday! Yes, can you believe she is already 2 months! It is going by so quick!
Weight- 11lbs. 7ozs.
Height- 21 1/8 ins.
Ears: Pierced
Cuter and cuter everyday!!!!


Our CUTE ,CUTE Landon
Mom and her favorite buddy!

On Thursday Landon got to have his fun friend Morgan over to play! They had lots of fun playing together all day and had lots of fun splashing around in the tub!!! We love when Mo comes over to play with us!

Mo Mo and Landon in the bath!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

She's Smiling

So today I 1as waving a little rattle at Avie and she was getting so excited!!!! I was having so much fun with her! She has such a pretty smile and ohhh I just love her so much!
Also, I tried getting her ears pierced today and we have to go back next week. She's not old enough yet

She was totally laughing!

Isn't she really just so pretty guys!!! I mean come on, how lucky are we!

They look like a little couple that have been together and married for awhile!!! Really they were watching a movie together and we kept bugging them!

Landon and Avery giving loves to each other!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love my sister Kim

Kim is the best because she is always there to help me whenever I need. For instance today....she updated my blog for me. I really don't know what I would do without her. Thanks Kim for being the best sister & friend a girl could ever ask for. I love you & wish that you lived closer so we could go to Target together everyday!

Monday, April 14, 2008


This is our sweet little friend Franchesca! She came over to visit today and play! She always has the funniest things to say! I could listen to her all day! Today after I got her a snack she told me I was so nice to her! And then asked sweetly, "Stefanie, why are you so nice to me?" I just smiled and told her cause she is our friend and we love her! I just love what little kids have to say!
Landon is such a great big brother! Last night he asked for Avie to sit right next to him, I had to get a picture! He also made Avenlie smile today! He was kinda down close to her trying to tickle her and making funny faces! It was so cute!

Another fun Saturday

Me and my little stud! I got to have a few special minutes with Landon down on the beach! It will always be a special memory that I will always cherish! I love him so much!
Our little beauty

Chris and Landon after taking a walk on the beautiful beach! It was such a perfect evening at the beach! You can see only my HOT babes butt in this pic!!!

Our little model! He was posing all cute and his eyes were looking so amazing! He kinda moved in this pic, but he was really being so serious with his posing!

The Boys

The Girls

Me and my babies in Laguna

So on Saturday we were able to go down to Ladera Ranch to see our good friends Chrissy and Luke and their little girl Naomi! We have not seen them in 2 years, way too long! It was Naomi's 1st birthday, so we had a good reason to finally really see each other! It was so great visiting with them and we hope so much time doesn't go by until the next time we get together! Naomi is also one of the prettiest little girls ever! We loved her!!!


So like I said in a previous post, I have really been enjoying cooking lately! So last week I made CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza! It WAS SUPER EASY TO MAKE AND SUPER YUMMY!!! It was also a really nice looking pizza we all thought! Just thought I would post a little picture of it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

San Diego Zoo

Avie fell asleep like this tonight! I just thought she looked so sweet! She is like a little doll!
Our little pudge a mudge!!! We love her so much! She is 6 weeks already, can't believe it!!!

Landon in Daddy's suit coat

Aunt Mellie and Landon

I can't believe I put my face through this! I am terrified of spiders, even face ones painted on wood! I know, I have issues.


Landon got to pet the goats! It was funny, he kept patting his knees and barking at the goats to try to get them to come to him! He is so funny!!!!

Our little family! We had so much fun!

Aunt Mellie and Avenlie

Landon kept making fishy faces when he saw this big tank! It was really cute

We love the gorillas

Such a HOT husband