Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LaNdOn & WaTeRiNg

I just bought Landon this new shirt at Target, my fav place, and boy was he excited!!! All morning he was begging me to get him dressed so he could wear his Rockinrolla shirt! He kept saying "Mommy I'm a SuPeRsTaR! I've got my Rockinrolla shirt on!" Too cute!
Oh the sWeEt life of SuMmEr!!! One of Landon's favorite things to do at night is to go out and help Poppi and Nana Water! He is a big helper and has so much fun! I just thought this was a sweet moment and night between the 2 of them! How lucky are they to live with their Poppi and Nana right now!

My sweet little 3 1/2 yr old! We had such a fun day together! I decided to be carefree and not worry about messes or getting lots done today. It made for a good day! We went to Costco for lunch and a little shopping. Landon's favorite! Did some reading, watched cartoons, and played on the slip-n-slide! I LOVE this little boy to pieces!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

RiVeR TrIp # 2

We took another great trip to the river with the R's last week! We had a bLaSt again!We can't wait till we go again! This time my Dad came along and had a fun time! somehow I have no pics of me wake boarding, but LoVeD it again! Enjoy!
Avie being silly in the suitcase with her 2 favorite things, her fingers and her Bahgga.
Me and Chels being gangster with no seats, therefore no seat belts in the trunk. The R's truck broke down so the Yukon pulled the boat. Chris was very excited to pull something behind the Yukon! It did AwEsOmE!!! My HOTT hubby wake boarding! Dang he looks good out there!!!

Lovin it!

Jumping off the back of the boat= FUN

On our way to Havasu. SOOO Beautiful

Mom, Ash, and Chels

Sexy Captain Chris
The Sandbar

Havasu Lake. Perfect water! It was 120* all day l-o-n-g!

London Bridge

Cuties! Ash and Chels

Tubing! Fun, but I got beat up! And Chels it's not your fault!=)

Big John tubing! He had a blast! Sometimes he was laughing other times he looked a little worried!!!! So proud of you Dad!!!

Landon loved to pull himself around
Poppi was always good about keeping an eye on his little bud!
Not sleeping. Not happy!

Mini Captain Landon!
He was so cute and so serious when Matt was teaching him.

120* + very tired children+ end of the day= MAYHEM

Friday, July 24, 2009

RiVeR TrIp # 1

The cutest little girl in the whole wide world! Love her, love her, love her! So this was our 1st river trip of the summer with the Reichmanns! We had a blast and are now officially addicted!!! We went to Laughlin and had great heat and great water! I am now in LoVe with wake boarding and just being on the water! The kids loved it too! Chris is in LOVE now and desperately wanting a boat. It's a great family activity!!! You should all try if you haven't already!
It was so great going with the whole Reichmann family! We love the "Reichmann way " of crazy tubing and just having fun! Thanks R Fam for taking us out! We have a lifetime pass, right?!

Big Daddy Matt Chris and Matt

Rope swing

Greg, Chris, and Brad Cornell

Fun beach time!
The Girls! Me, Avie, Randi, and Chels Daddy and his little girl
Dancing on the boat Brad and Chelsie. They are crazy together on the tubes

Landon dancing. So so cute!
Love him!!!!
Chels and me! CRAZY fun! I will admit, I was a little scarred.

She is such a water baby. She loved running back and forth from the water to the shore!
Crazy LaDiEs

Ashley and Avie
Avie with her MUCH older man Greg!
Sweet Big bowl of Strawberry ice cream at breakfast! WhAt??? Lovies!

Playing late night cards! FUN!!!