Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baker 2 Vegas

Chris recently ran a leg in the Baker 2 Vegas race! It is the biggest gathering of Law Enforcement in the world! It was a really fun experience and Chris did awesome! I was a very proud wife!
We were able to go without the kids, thanks mom and dad! We had a great time together, went to our favorite buffet at the Bellagio, and saw a movie! On our way home we stopped at the yummy Mad Greek and Chris got his sweet free drink and 20% discount for being a trucker. Yes folks, he really is a trucker, sometimes!!!!
Ahhh... This free diet coke is so good!

It's the life being a Truckers wife!

Being silly in the car! We were sitting and waiting for chris' leg to start in Pahruamp,NV for a very long time!!!

The Racer

And his Catcher

This is just minutes before Chris started his leg of the race. He was very prepared and ready!!! He ran the 10th leg for his team. His leg was 5.3 miles and he came in exactly on the dot for his projected time! Way to go babe!!!!! He did awesome!

Taking off


Awards ceremony. It was at the Hilton and there was something like 10,000 law enforcement officers and there families attending! Mr. T was the inspirational speaker. Funny!!!! Seems like a nice guy and was very thankful and gracious to all the officers. Funny, cause I just watched him in Rocky a few days before!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Avie's Birthday Party

Here's the 1st Birthday Princess!!!! She was so happy, as usual, all day long! She ate yummy food, got passed around, played outside with friends, got spoiled with fabulous gifts, and got to eat LOTS of cake!
We just love our little Avie and so does everyone else! She is not walking on her own yet, but is starting to get a tiny bit braver! She is a show stopper wherever we go! It's crazy sometimes how much we get stopped and how many people stare and make nice comments about her! Modeling agencies might be in our future! Her big brother loves her to pieces and is always making her laugh! She loves to smile talk and sing in her sweet little voice. She can say baby, momma, dadda, beep, ba ba, and I swear she said blankie the other day as she pointed to it! Avie is a major blankie girl and I LOVE it! She also really loves her dollies and I am just so proud!
We are forever grateful she is a part of our family and can't wait for more fun birthdays to come!!!!!
We LOVE you our sweet little Avenlie!

We had such a fun time at Avie's party! Lots of yummy food, treats, company, wonderful presents, and of course the cake!!!! Avie dug in and was a HUGE mess! But when else in life can you smear cake all over yourself and not get in trouble and everyone thinks you are the cutest thing in the world?!!!! She was so "Caked" she had to immediately get in the bath and make an outfit change! What a DIVA PRINCESS!!!!

More fun presents from Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Ryan! She loves her little doll Grandma!

The CUTEST PINK PIG IN THE WORLD!!!!! She got a Princess Piggy Bank from Auntie Mel