Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi! We're the Obama's

Our good friends, Brent and Yvonne Cox, threw a really fun Halloween party tonight! So we decided to dress up as Barack and Michelle Obama! It was HILARIOUS!!!! The kicker, we were McCain/Palin supporters!!!! We had on buttons that were for our team, the Republicans! I have to take the credit for this one! I was proud of myself for coming up with this idea!

Chris and I had a really good time dressing up and going to the party. The night turned into a political joke night and make fun of the Obama's session! It's amazing and funny how spicy some people are with their comments and jokes!! We loved it all!!!! Thanks Brent and Yvonne for having us to your fun Halloween party!!!

The Scarecrow, Dorothy, Michelle, Barack

Brent and Yvonne!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Tuesday friend

On Tuesday I trade babysitting with my friend Meagan. So Avery is now our "Tuesday Friend"! Landon loves having her come over and gets very excited that he can share his snacks with her!
Today we decided to paint outside with sidewalk paint! They both had a good time smearing it everywhere, but when they had to be hosed down they weren't to happy with me. So they hopped in the bath and had more fun together there! We have lots of fun with Avery and look forward to our Tuesdays with her!

Avenlie wishing she could get in with them! Doesn't she look so big?!

Pumpkin Patch

We took our annual trip to our favorite pumpkin patch! It has so many fun things to do there and it also has great pumpkins to choose from! It was freezing, but we had so much fun being together as a family! Avenlie seemed to enjoy watching, but you can tell she will be ready to be out there with her brother next year!!! We were nerds and forgot to take any pictures with pumpkins and the one we picked. I'm sure we'll have some for Halloween though!
Our Cutie pie! Always so sweet and happy!

Landon picked to go on this tea cup type of ride. Chris was originally going to ride it with him and I was going to sit back and kick it with Avie! Yeah, before the ride even started Chris was getting sick! What!!! So I jumped on with Landon and we had a good time! Chris was happy just hanging back and watching us! I have to admit I got a little queasy once or twice after we had been spinning for about 5 minutes! Landon had tons of fun though!

We got to take turns going down the big slide with Landon!!!! It was so much fun! I could have gone down it 100 times! It might have to be something at a birthday party someday! Landon also did the bounce house, but wouldn't stay in to long cause he was ready to go back to the slide! His face was priceless when he would go down all by himself! It looked like he was making a snow angel and he had the biggest smile ever on his cute little face!!!! What more can you ask for as a parent!

Landon LOVED all the animals! He has no fear of them. At one point he was chasing all of them around and they were going NUTS!!! He though it was so funny and Chris and I got a good laugh out of it! I'm not so sure the workers were happy with us though! Oh well!!!

This was early in the morning before we went. Landon and Avie went outside and helped Daddy and Poppi fix a tree! I was lucky and got to sleep in for a little! Doesn't she look so sweet!

Avie eating a bitter bisquit for the 1st time! She loved it and was a huge mess afterwards!!!! She is also working on her first 2 bottom teeth right now! So cute to see them coming in, but she has really been in pain and not sleeping well at night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chris' Run

So a couple of weekends ago Chris ran in a juvenile diabetes run in Ontario. He ran with his academy class, so we went down to root him on! It was fun and we got to meet other families that are in the academy. Landon had tons of fun playing on the playground and seeing all the fun stuff they had around! It was freezing though so we were excited when daddy finished the race!!!
Thanks to all that supported Chris and donated money! We really appreciated it! Good job Chris!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was able to take a girls trip to Utah with my mom and the kids recently for Hillary's 20th birthday! It was a fun and eventful trip! It was kaotic and enjoyable trip as well! Jordan got hit in my new Yukon while backing out of their driveway! That was probably the craziest thing that happened! But no big deal, it's fixable!!! Thanks Kim and Jordan for putting us up and for helping me with my little ones!
While in SLC Chris' family was nice enough to come down and visit with me and the kids!!! Landon and Avie enjoyed seeing their Grandma Bobbie and their Aunties and uncle Clayton! We walked around beautiful Temple Square and had a nice visit! We missed you though babe!

Hillary with her friends Jessica and Robert! He's from Scotland and has the most amazing voice!

We went to Bucca Di Bepo for Hillary's b-day dinner! Always yummy!!! I was being a nerd and trying to mimic the Pope!

My beautiful sleeping beauty and my studly very awake hyper viper!

All of us girls and our mommy!

It was a fun thing getting to watch them. A little nerve racking at first, but the closer it got the more excited I was for them! They are BRAVE!!!

After the jump! Super excited and still alive!!!

I just think this is a cute picture of my 3 blonde sisters and my blonde little Landon! They were watching the plane take off! The other one is Hilly and Mel before they jumped! Hillary went skydiving for her 20th birthday and loved it!

Our new grillzzz!!! We Got these at our stop at Del Taco on our drive up! Fun times with Nana!!!