Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tee Ball

On Saturday Landon had his very 1st Tee Ball game! It was really cute, but also a little tragic! Landon had a hard time doing the whole team thing. I have always been worried about having that child that is throwing a tantrum and not wanting to participate and yeah we had that child. Oh well though, he's learning! He still did good! He was just wanting to hit the ball the whole time and did not want to put his bat down.
His little team is so cute and of course it is tons of fun to watch! He is on a team with his little buddy Joseph from church and Joseph's dad is their coach! Coach Sunny! We are super excited for his next game and can't wait for our baseball SuPeRsTaR to come shining through! LoVe you Landon and we are so PrOuD of YoU!

Our new FAVORITE family activity, Jeepin!!!! After Landon's Tee Ball game we went jeepin off and on all day! We all LOVE it!!! The weather was perfect and the kids were screaming and having a great time!

Grandma Bobbie this ones for you!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter morning. The kids giving Poppi and Nana loves for their Easter gifts.
Landon was so excited about his new bubbles!
And his new mitt for T-Ball
Avie with her new blankie, bunny, and of course CaNdY!
Avie LoVeS the doggies!
Landon became fast friends with cute older Sadie!

The Hunt at the Edwards! We always LOVE this party! I have been going to this Easter party since I was a little girl. So for like 17 years!

I LOVED this yummy, fantastic blue sucker!!!!!
Landon and Avie had lots of fun in the spa!

Our 3rd Easter party of the day! Brent and Yvonne were really sweet and threw a fun party for these little cuties! The kids got lots of yummy candy and fun toys! WE always have a great time with Brent and Yvonne!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Landon says some really cute things,so I thought I would just jot some of them down really quick!

Chris: "Landon do you want to go on a mission one day?"

Landon: "No, I want to go ice skating."

Landon: "Excuse me up syrup!" (This is one of our favorite funny things Landon says all the time!)

Last day (means yesterday)

The other day I was crying( Stef, not Chris! ) Landon looked at me so sweetly and told me it would be ok and then wiped away some of my tears.

We like to ask Landon what he dreamed about at night. This is what Landon usually tells us:

"I dreamed about horses and cows and I killed a snake and then the alligator came and he was really big."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday we went down to Laguna Beach. Our favorite!!!! It was such a beautiful day! Still to cold to get in the water, but nice. Landon dressed himself in the morning in his swim trunks ready for the beach. Super Cute!!!!
We explored the tide pools and walked up to one of the parks they have there. So enjoyable and great to be together as a family! We then went to a yummy Mexican place and stuffed ourselves with good food! After that we drove down to Dana Point to find some camping spots for a future trip! Anyone want to go camping on the beach???
Overall it was such a fun day together as a family! We love being together and loves that Chris has a schedule that will allow us to play during the week!