Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cowboy and Sprinkler Checker!!!

So Aunt Hilly bought Landon some spiffy new cowboy boots!!!! We love them and so does he! Thanks Aunt Hilly!!!! Hill took some fun pics of him in them last night for us and we just have to share them! Then tonight we were out in the front yard playing and the sprinklers went on. Landon LOVES the sprinklers! He just sits in them like it's no big deal! Well he looked like he was checking them to make sure they worked, so Chris called him the "Sprinkler Checker"! He is a very entertaining little boy!
We are very excited, because on Friday morning we leave for 10 days to go to Utah, Idaho, and Northern California!!! We are going to see family and for my friends wedding! We can't wait!!! We are counting down the days! Especially for Cafe Rio! YUM!!!!! We look forward to seeing all you that live in those areas!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Angel's game!

So on Friday we got to go to the Angel's game with my parents! We love going! The minute you walk into the stadium that wonderful and fun feeling comes over you! Landon wouldn't take his eyes off the game for awhile! We tryed offering him some food and it didn't even fase him, which is rare!!! He is so intrigued by sports! He would through up his arm like he was throwing the ball! Too cute and so smart! His Grandpa spoiled him and bought him an official Angel's jersey! He looks like such a stud in it! Chris also got Landon up on the screen at the game! Our section went crazy when they saw him! He looked so cuute, I wish I could have gotten a picture! You're always so proud as a moomy whenever your baby gets shown off in any way! Saturday night we decided to take Landon camping out in the backyard! Just for something fiun and different for the night! Well, we heard a party going on about a street over and it wasn't to bad. About an hour and a half later the Mexican music is blaring. So annoying and it was late! We tried going back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. So we had to go back inside and sleep in our actual beds. What a bummer! Those darn drunks! Landon does love the tent now and thinks it's his little playhouse!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The sound of breaking glass!!!

So yesterday I was leaning over the kitchen table reading an article out of the ensign and Landon was playing with a basketball. His new thing is throwing it onto the table or counter and seeing if it drops back down! Well he threw it up on the counter and it didn't come back down! So a corner of a towel was hanging down just enough and he grabbed it in an attempt to get the ball! There was a glass on that towel!!! So all of a sudden I hear the sound of glass crashing and breaking on the ground! I think I instantly leaped over to him and got him out of there in less than a second! He is fine, but what a mess! Glass was everywhere! I guess boys will be boys. He was back to throwing the ball on the table within probably 10mins.!!!

Today we got to go down to Newport beach and visit my friend Bri!!! We had so much fun hanging out with her and getting to swim in the nice hot sun and beautiful surroundings!!!! Poor Landon got a little sunburn though. I kept applying the sun screen, but I guess the sun had a different idea!!! These are just a couple of cute pictures of Landon from today and the other day when he climbed the chair! He is such a stud!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Wards

So I am finally trying this thing out since everyone keeps telling me to start a blog! Hopefully I will have something exciting to say every now and again!!!! I put up a very old family picture for now, but am going to work on getting a new one up! I am trying to figure this thing out and I am not very computer savvy in the frist place! Chris and I are just busy working and playing with Landon! He is honestly the most amazing basketball player! He already can make one handed baskets and dad keeps raising the hoop up higher! I think we have a future NBA star on our hands! He is entertained for hours with any kind of ball or basketball hoop!!!