Sunday, April 11, 2010

Found some!

Ok! So I found some motivation right after posting that I didn't have any. So enjoy!

Santa Barbara/Solvang

We decided to head to Santa Barbara for a couple of days in February. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery! We walked from our Beach front hotel to Sterns Wharf. Had lunch on the Main drag and of coursed played on the beach a little! Great time and fun memories as a family!(Pictures are a little out of order.)

We headed to Solvang for a few hours and had a great time! It is a beautiful, quaint, little town. We had some yummy Danish treats and drove around the beautiful countryside.

We LOVE to go to Disneyland!

Here are just a few pics of one of our trips to Disneyland! We love to go there for a few hours or all day! It has been such a great investment for us this year! We LOVE being together as a family!!!!


I need to update, but have somehow lost motivation. Somebody please help me! Does anyone still even check us out? Even if no one does I still need to do it for my sweet little family! So give me some MOTIVATION!!!!! Please.