Sunday, April 10, 2011

Run/Walk for Steve Edwards

On Saturday a Ride/Walk was put on by some amazing friends for our good friend/family, Steve Edwards. Steve was diagnosed with Stage 4 malignant Melanoma Cancer in January. Its been a fast 2 1/2 months of tears, sadness, Faith, and Hope for the Edwards family and everyone that loves them. Steve just completed his first round of Chemo on Monday and has a P.E.T scan next week to see if the treatment has worked. He is such an example of Faith, Hope, and a POSITIVE attitude! We pray every night for him and his family that the treatments will work and that he can just be blessed with peace and comfort. The Bike ride/Walk was held at a local Park first thing in the morning. We didn't plan very well and didn't have our stroller so the kids had to suck it up and walk and ride on Daddy and my shoulders. And some much needed help from Zach at the end. The man of the hour rode his bike, so when the kids started to complain we told them "If Steve can do it, SO CAN YOU!" We still had tears, but we made it the whole 3.5 walk! We just feel so privileged to have participated and to have Steve in our lives! We love you Stevie, Nannie, Zach, Meag, Steph, and Sophie! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! The "Man of the Hour"

Avie in her "Hope" shirt
Daddy was a trooper! Isn't he so HOTT and Strong!

We walked with our friends Sean and Monica Struebing and Zach and Melanie(not pictured)
There goes Steve on his bike! He did the 7 mile loop! GO Steve, GO!!!!

Las Vegas Getaway

Chris and I escaped for the night to Vegas on Wednesday!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been trying to get away for the night since December. We wanted at least one night alone before baby #3 makes its appearance. So My parents and our friends Meagan and Aeron graciously watch the kids for us! We got to Vegas around 8pm. Stayed at the ARIA! Amazing!!! One of the nicest hotels we have probably ever stayed at! Went to dinner at the Wynn for their buffet. So GOOD!!! Walked around Vegas till midnight. Pregnant momma wasn't up for partying it up till 3am out on the strip! Went to The Cosmopolitan. Which is the most amazing and glamorous Hotel we have ever seen! Wish I had my camera, cause I couldn't stop saying how AMAZING it was in there! Finally went back and enjoyed our awesome room and watched a movie! We had such a blast being alone together for a much needed night alone! It just so happened to be April 6th, 8 years to the day Chris asked me to marry him! So sweet! I know! We had to head home early the next morning to pick up our kids. So we grabbed so delicious pastries from our favorite sweet shop in Vegas and hit the road! I LOVE my husband so much and cherish every second we get to spend alone and with our kids! We have so much fun together and are still making each other laugh and smile everyday after 8 years! Life is GREAT!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 weeks Pregnant

Well I am now 30 weeks pregnant! I am very much looking forward to being done and having this little one here on Earth with us! I'm a little nervous about having 3 kids, but figure we will just roll with it and hope we do a good job! The kids are really excited to be Big Brother and Big Sister! We have kept Baby #3 a surprise! Its been a fun and challenging choice. If you ask Landon it is a boy. Anytime he talks about the baby he refers to it as a girl though and talks about how she will sleep in Avie's room because it is a girl. Too cute and funny! Avie of course thinks it's a girl and tells us how she is going to help carry the baby around. Umm... the carrying thing, not so much! But we know she will love the new baby and be a good little helper! Chris' guess is that it's a Boy and I honestly have no idea! We are excited to find out, but I am more then happy to have this baby stay in till my due date, June 12th! Its been a good pregnancy, but also tough on me. I was sick a lot in the beginning, then started feeling better, and am now feeling uhh again. But I am very grateful to be pregnant and blessed with beautiful and healthy babies. So I can't complain too much! The other pictures in this post are with Auntie Mellie! We recently had a visit from her and were able to go to one of our little families favorite spots, Laguna Beach, with her and my mom for the day! It was beautiful and oh so relaxing! Newport and Laguna makes my soul so happy!

Avenlie is 3

Our sweet, sassy, and beautiful Avenlie turned 3 in February! She got to have a day of being treated like the Princess she is and having family over for dinner at night! She was so happy about getting her own Princess Birthday balloons and fun gifts! One of her favorites were here Princess nails she got from her good friend Avery! Too CuTe!!! Avenlie is: Sassy Entertaining All girl Knows her fashion and will tell you about yours Very sweet and loving LOVES her big brother Loves Toy Story 3 and cartoons Has super curly, Strawberry Blond hair Is obsessed with changing her clothes and wearing swimsuits Independent in a lot of ways Is very excited to be a Big Sister and share her room with our new baby! We LOVE you so, so, much Avenlie Mae!!!!

Landon is 5

Our sweet Landon turned 5 in January! I know, I know, I am way behind! He requested a Batman Birthday Party with lots of friends and a bounce house. So that's what he got!!! He had friends from school and church and a fun surprise from His Aunties kim and Hillary and Uncle Jordan! The kids had TONS of FUN on the bounce house and barely came out! He loved every minute of it and was so thankful for his friends and family who came and all the fun presents he recieved! Our Landon is: 45 1/2in. Sweet and loving Protective big brother A really good cleaner - uper Smart and in Pre-school Snugglie and lovie Dad's minnie me Really good at sports Likes Jason Aldean and a good pair of Cowboy boots Loves being in Jammies And is really looking forward to being a Big Brother again and helping with our new sweet baby!