Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carribean Cruise

Chris and I just went on a 7 day Caribbean cruise! We had such an AMAZING time and LOVED being together every second! I am 1000 times more in love with my husband! HE is the Best and so much fun to be with!!! We came back feeling relaxed, refreshed, and totally destressed! Just what we needed for our fresh new start this year!
Waiting to head to the port. We arrived in Ft.Lauderdale at 5am. We were exhausted and couldn't board until 1pm, so we hung out at the Hard Rock Hotel for HOURS. We ate and then slept in the lobby for awhile. We got woken up by one of the staff asking if everything was ok. So embarrassing, but they were cool and let us stay!
When we finally left to go to the port we found out we were at the wrong one! WHAT???? We ended up taking a hundred dollar taxi ride! That was CRAPPY! But we made it with plenty of time to spare!

Bon Voyage!!!!

Grand Cayman

These speed limit signs reminded Chris of London!

Funny story. We were trying to find access to the beach and Chris spotted a sign. It was pointing down this narrow dirt pathway, so we took it cause we had been walking for awhile. Yeah, we don't even get 15 feet in and Chris jumps and yells and FREAKS me out! I look down and there is this GIGANTIC lizard thing running right in front of Chris! Needless to say I made us turn around and refused risking running into some other undesirable creature.

We LoVeD this beach!

UNREAL!!!! Unbelievably BeAuTiFuL!

Enjoying a Pina Colda in Paradise!

Very Random spot for a Cemetery. I was totally on the side of the road.

We miss the FrOzEn YoGuRt machine sooo much! This was our weakness!

Hanging out in a lounge watching Karaoke! We loved to go watch and laugh at all the brave drunk souls who would get up and sing! Good times!Heading to the GYM! We really went and worked out!

These trees were interesting. Those are the roots. When a hurricane comes the locals hide their boas in there and it keeps them safe.

Taking a boat ride down the BeAuTiFuL River Wallace
This house is considered to be a nicer one.
Very humbling. This brought tears to my eyes. Our tour guide told us this is a house for a family of 5. We are so very blessed! Lunch in Belize! Super hot and humid!

Alton-Ha Ancient Myian Ruins

Way up on top!

Yeah... don't be jealous. I was a model once upon a time. Can't you tell!
Our Ship and Key West

This one is for LaNdOn!!!!

Yummy, GIGANTIC chocolate chip cookie! 1/4 pounder! They had these all over so we knew we had to try one!

Cute place!
It was Beautiful!

Key Lime PiE in Key West! It was GoOd and I don't really care for Key Lime pie!

Key West The aWeSoMe pool deck and waterslide! We did lots of hanging out here!
Windy! Leaving Key West and heading home!
We were NeRdS with the camera on our last day! We had fun and were laughing so hard!
DaNg.... That bOoTy is FiNe!!!

Ahhhh.... I lOvE You!!! YuMm!!!! This is one of the BeSt parts about being on a cruise! 3 desserts all at once! Delightful!!!

Our last night at dinner
This is the couple we ate with every night. Kristen and Eric. They were Honeymooners and were very nice!Sunday May 10th. Waiing in the airport to go home for about 8 hours! We still had fun though!