Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally updating!!!

Well it's been a really long time, but Kim keeps bugging me to update, so here it is!!!! We had a fun month in July! We got to take a big trip to Utah, Idaho, and northern California for my friend Aimie's wedding! We had a blast and were gone for 10 days! We also had a really fun 4th of July up in Idaho. In Malad they have all kinds of fun festivities, so Chris participated in a few of them! The funniest was this bed race that they do! All the brothers wore diapers! Yeah pretty funny site!!!! We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary on July 18th! Time goes by so quickly!!! We had so much fun! We went to a yummy dinner and then to see the Fray at the Greek Theatre! They are AMAZING!!!! If you ever get the chance to see them, see them!
And so for the real reason I haven't updated in a while... I am Pregnant again!!!! We are very excited! I am 3 months along and due March 8th! We are very excited Landon will get to be a big brother! He will be amazing, he is so loving, so I can only imagine how he will be with our new little addition! I won't lie though, I am a little nervous about having 2 kids! I hope I can keep up with them! I have been pretty sick though and no energy! I get the morning sickness all day! Not just a little a lot! Not as much throwing up with this one though, that's been nice!!!!
Well August has been busy too! We got to help Hillary move up to Utah a couple weeks ago! We are sad to have her gone, but so excited for her! While we were up there we got to spend a couple days up in beautiful Sundance! We got to stay in an amzing cabin with my family and Jordan's family! So much fun! I hope we get to do it again!