Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We recently took a trip out to Arizona for a few days for some family FUN!!! We stayed at a Timeshare in Peoria. Kinda a random place, but we had lots of fun just being our family of 5! We had lots of giggles, screaming from the kids and mom and dad! Lots of swimming in an awesome pool! Lots of Arizona heat, which I(Stef) LOVED!!!! We went to a Diamondbacks Baseball game, the Mesa Temple, and to visit our Mazzerelli Cousins in Mesa!
We had such a great time enjoying each others company, going somewhere new, and playing with new friends who are my adopted childhood cousins!!! We loved Arizona and if it were up to me, we would move out there ASAP!!! But we are in Cali for the long haul!
so sad cause our camera broke, so we don't have picks of everything we did posted.

4th of July weekend

My family and Chris' family all came for Luke's Blessing and the 4th of July! So what better to do in California, but head to the Beach!

Luke's Blessing

We were able to bless our sweet baby boy on Sunday July 3rd! We had lots of family and friends come and celebrate Luke's special day with us! Chris gave him such a sweet and beautiful blessing! Luke has such a sweet spirit to him! We just LOVE him to pieces!
We had a fun and Yummy BBQ at our house after! It is always so great to be amongst people who mean so much to us! Thanks everyone who came from far and near! We love and appreciate you all!